Rebecca Wiltshire

About Me

Photo Credit (above) Maciej Dakowicz India 2017

About Me

Not long after getting my first real camera I saw the images of Mary Ellen Mark and discovered quickly I was drawn to the genre of street photography and particularly its intersection with documentary and travel photography styles. 

Home is Perth, Western Australia, and I enjoy exploring the culture of its beaches and coastal communities. 

My work focuses on capturing details and moments, emotions and interactions; I aim to create photographs that pose a question which remains unanswered in the fleeting moment it takes to capture the image.

In my spare time I volunteer with the Perth based Shutterpaws Volunteer Photography group. We photograph rescue animals to help with their successful rehoming.

My Work

With Australian street photographer Julia Coddington, we have started the "Unexposed Collective", an online platform for active and emerging Australian women and non-binary street photographers. Unexposed Collective is on Facebook Unexposed Collective, and Instagram @unexp_collective

In 2017 my photograph "Jalandhar Dogs" was finalist in the Australian Photography Awards, Documentary section.

In 2017 I was listed by Cultura Colectiva as one of "7 Female Instagram photographers you should know if you want street cred". 

I actively engage with the @womeninstreet online platforms and am listed on their great online World Map of Women Street Photographers.

In 2017, whilst in Varanasi, India, Julia Coddington and I were filmed for an episode of @womeninstreet stories. Watch it here on youtube.

In 2018, I was listed by Tim Huynh in his list of 20 Female Street Photographers to Follow in 2018.

In 2018, I was named as a finalist in the 2018 Aussie Street Photography Competition.

In 2018, I have been invited to exhibit a selection of images for  the Street Sans Frontiers Exhibition in Paris 18th-20th May. From this, my photograph "Jalandhar Dogs" was further selected to be exhibited in Trieste Photo Days Festival, Italy, October 2018.

In 2018, I was named a "selected photographer" with two images chosen in the 2018 dotART Urban Photo Awards and my image taken at Cottesloe Beach named in the winners list in the Urban Art Section. This photograph was selected to be exhibited in Trieste Photo Days Festival 2018 and for inclusion in the Urban Art photo book "Urban Unveils the City and its Secrets Vol 4".

In 2018 one of my images was selected for the inaugural Women Street Photographers Exhibition in New York, along with 74 other awesome women street photographers.

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